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Reach for the life God created you to have!

Our Mission...

We offer Christian-based and clinically effective strategies, tools, and solutions to assist you in navigating the challenges and hurts of life. Drawing upon the rich resources of the Christian Faith and Spirituality, Theology and Philosophy, integrated with sound Psychology, our comprehensive and insightful approach effectively addresses surface as well as underlying issues in order to help you achieve personal wholeness and the change that you desire.

Welcome message from Dr. Gelis...

Welcome to the My Father's House Christian Counseling website!

 Mark Gelis, MA - Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

Mark Gelis, PhD
Theologian - Clinical Pastoral Counselor - Philosopher

It has been said that Christ, in revealing the mystery of the Father's love, truly reveals man to man. It is in believing and understanding that God truly is my Father – who desires my happiness even more than I desire it for myself – that I begin to understand the mystery and dilemma of my own existence with all its desires and disappointments. Through faith in Christ, I learn to trust and depend on God and   allow Him to guide me in the true path to life, health and love and all that these gifts bring!


My Father's House.  It is the place where I find infinite love, truth, peace, strength, and the fulfillment of my desires. Essentially it consists in the perfect embrace of the Father. This experience begins here on earth and  will reach its culmination in heaven.  My Father's House is the name I chose for this Christian counseling ministry to recall the great news that God loves me and wants to fulfill my deepest desires and longings, despite the sufferings and difficulties that may assail me. Holding this truth high in my spirit, I learn how to deal with suffering healthily and how to collaborate with God in my own healing, as well as to benefit and grow from the challenges life presents. I also discover that the most sublime experiences of peace and joy come from an intimate friendship with God, as I open myself more and more to His love. This occurs through a process of encountering the unshakable presence of my Divine Father in the center of my being, and by learning to continuously rest in His embrace as I walk through this life toward my eternal Home.


This site is for you! It offers an introduction and explanation of Christian faith-based counseling. You will also find a description of the unique integrative approach to counseling offered at My Father's House.  Helpful resource information and links are provided for you to answer any questions you may have regarding life and emotional health difficulties. These are presented from a Christian perspective. You will also find a page dedicated to how to make an appointment.


Reaching the wholeness and fuller life you dream about begins by believing God wants that life for you and that He is even now helping you to reach it. He challenges you to believe in yourself – and that you are capable of making healthy changes in your life with His help. God is your loving Father and He is ALWAYS reaching out to you.  He waits for you to reach back to Him and meet His hand. As a child reaches out to his father. As a friend to a best friend.


Reach for His hand! Reach for the fuller life you want! Reach for the life He created you to have!


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